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Classical ballet training at the Pevnev Ballet Academy incorporates the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabi and the renowned Vaganova teaching method. 


It was created by Russian dancer Agrippina Vaganova. It is a ballet technique and training system that is designed to use the whole body with equal attention being paid to the upper body, arms and lower body. Vaganova technique has been taught since the late 1920′s and has produced some of the world’s best ballet dancers such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev and Natalia Makarova.


The International Character Dance Syllabus has been designed & written by Australia’s leading exponent of Character Dance, Alida Segal. Her experience began in 1970 with Madame Marina Berezowsky A.M. in Melbourne and continued while studying at the world-renowned Moiseyev School in Moscow, Russia. 

The course includes active physical practice of technique & movement, as well as information about music & rhythm. Elements of ethnology, physics and design are also involved. This results in a more holistic education & understanding of the development of dance styles.


Pevnev Ballet Academy follows the principle that classical ballet is the fundamental technique underpinning all other dance forms. However, it is vital that young students and dancers of today are as versatile as possible.

With our ultimate goal being to train dancers for a career in dance, we have created a contemporary dance curriculum that will develop the technical fundamentals required of a dancer today, alongside current and relevant movement explorations to better equip them for today’s industry.

Our classes will be led by our resident contemporary faculty as well as renowned international guests and will encompass Cunningham based technique partnered with principles gathered from Release, Graham, Counter technique, floor work and improvisation.

There is a strong focus on correct postural alignment, efficient and creative pathways of movement in and out of the floor, as well as developing spatial awareness and holistic body strength.

We aim to produce dancers that are aware, thoughtful and confident. Ready to face any and all of the challenges that may appear in the current dance industry.


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