Vocational Education and Training

VET Courses available to Pevnev Ballet Academy students

National training qualifications are delivered through third party agreements with Australian Dance institute RTO 91600 to allow students to study courses that fall within the Australian Quality Training Framework and meet the WACE requirements for graduation with a minimum qualification of a Certificate II (for non ATAR students). 

Pevnev Ballet Academy students are able to gain qualifications in the following courses (delivered by the Australian Dance institute). 


Certificate I in Dance (CUA10113)

Certificate II in Dance (CUA20113)

Certificate III in Dance (CUA30113)

Certificate IV in Dance (CUA40113)

Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching (CUA30313)

Certificate IV in Dance Teaching Management (CUA40313)

Students can use their dance society syllabus technical examination results towards VET technical competencies (with gap training) contained within the CUA Certificates in Dance qualifications provided directly by the Australian Dance institute RTO 91600.

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